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( Gastro Coop ) Cooperativa de Gastroenterólogos de PR.

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Key Products Offered

Platform will provide different alternatives to search for Products.


Disinfectant of surfaces

Intermediate level disinfectant solution designed for cleaning, decontamination and disinfection of non-porous surfaces. It is ideal for the decontamination of both surfaces in general and medical instruments.


ConMed Precisor EXL Disposable Biopsy Forceps

The ConMed Precisor EXL Disposable Forceps are designed to cut rather than tear tissue. They have a large jaw sample capacity, with optimal cutting force as jaws close, and help maintain channel integrity..


ConMed Optimizer Soft Loop Wire Polypectomy Snare

The ConMed Optimizer Soft Loop Wire Polypectomy Snare is designed to offer gastroenterologists the ability to efficiently control tissue resection and collection in order to more efficiently remove polyps and suspicious lesions.


Nitrile Surgical Gloves

Blue Powder Free Medical Disposable Nitrile Gloves Cheap soft comfortable Nitrile surgical glove.

Services Offered

Purchase multiple products from different suppliers. Search for best price. Identify key suppliers. Monitor purchases by supplier or product. Archive sales orders for future use. Analytics.

Easy User Interface

Medical Warehouse provides a very easy user interface. Re-orders to supplier can be perform with just one click.

Report Tool

Access to archive sales orders by Supplier, Products or Category.

Local Support

Our platform was developed and build entirely in Puerto Rico.

Easy Product Search

This platform provides easy access to all products available. Product searches can be perform by specific KeyWord, Category or Supplier.

Mobile Devices Ready

Sales orders can be submitted through your smart phone or tablet.

Secure Connection

The platform uses secure HTTPS technology. Information is encrypted between your computer and our server.

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Reporting capabilities are available to assist your administrative and accounting staff in understanding product usage, costs and usage time frames.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most reliable and easy way to keep track of your purchases, rebates and ratings.


For Members

Can I make one order for multiple vendors?

Yes, You can choose whatever you want and send the order. The platform split the order in multiple orders according to the suppliers. Every supplier will receive your product request.


For Members

Always I have to make a new order from the scratch?

No, You can re-order your products with a press of a button. All orders will keep on your dash board, only find it and re-order.


For Suppliers

How I know if I received an order?

As a supplier you can receive an email or SMS to notice that and order is arrive. The platform include a dash board where you can review, modify and accept all orders.


For Suppliers

I can manage the availability of my products?

Yes, you can enable or disable any of your products. Any change you make on your products will be change on real time.


For Organizations

This will be available for another Cooperatives or Medical Organizations?

Yes, Contact us to let you know how can be part of this benefits.


For Organizations

As a Medical Organizations we can retrieve a global report of purchases made by the Organization members?

Yes, You as manager of the organization can retrieve all purchases information including service rating.

Let's get started with Medical Warehouse

Medical Warehouse provides a GPO market place for Gastroenterologists who are members of GastroCoop.

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Provide an outstanding Direct channel communication between the suppliers and medical professionals.

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Our Objective

Medical Warehouse main objective is serve GPO and become the top market place for the Health care professionals. Provide the best customer experience available. Ensure transactions are fast and secure.

About us

This digital market place was the idea of GastroCoop. As more Gastroenterologists became members of this cooperative and the list of vendors grew, GastroCoop started searching for a platform that would help them in monitoring all the purchasing activity that was going on between these two groups.

In searching for solutions GastroCoop partnered with two local organizations COSTEC (Cooperativa de Servicios Tecnologicos) and OA ( These two organizations brought their expertise to develop what is now known as Medical Warehouse.